Knivmappe i læder. Xapron. 10 knive

Knivmappe i læder. Xapron. 10 knive

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"Utah leather. This leather knife roll bag is cut by hand from, extra oiled, full grain buffalo leather. Full grain is leather in which the surface has remained completely intact. This buffalo leather knife roll bag ensures that your knives are stored securely and safe. Ideal for apprentice chefs, hospitality students and the professional chef. The perfect gift for bbq enthusiasts and grill masters."

Product information 

  • Hand made in Holland (Waalwijk)
  • 100% top quality, smooth buffalo leather
  • 2 sturdy adjustable straps
  • Simple adjustable buckle closure
  • Equipped with 5 or 10 knife compartments

The size of the “Utah” leather knife case with 10 knife compartments is 45 x 87 cm.